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2nd Chance Automotive is amongst the top rated internet car loan services, and one of the only loan services to truly guarantee your approval as long as you can meet the minimum requirements. 2nd Chance Automotive has been formed by a team that has been helping families obtain car loans in Ontario since 1999.

2nd Chance Automotive will match your application with a lender that specializes in your credit situation, we provide a non-confrontational, non-embarrassing approach to getting a car loan in Ontario. Almost 82% of the population have suffered a credit blemish. If you have, don't worry about getting turned down. We have lenders on board that understand your needs, and will carefully consider your current circumstance, rather then looking at your past history. We take the hassle out of getting approved for financing, before you ever visit a dealership.

2nd Chance Automotive is a company that knows how to get you approved no matter what your situation is, with the most favorable terms for you. Click below to apply now and get approved in less than 24hrs.

We offer interest rates as low as 4.9% O.A.C

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